Who’s Who in Payments 2020 – Complete Overview of Key Payment Providers

The Paypers has launched a new report titled Who’s Who in Payments – Complete Overview of Key Payment Providers, encompassing key trends in the payments space.

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2 min readMar 19, 2020


Structured in five parts, this report describes the global payment providers space today, defines the capabilities offered by the different participants in the ecosystem, and presents the dynamics of this space, shaped by innovation and consolidation.

The first edition of the report tackles some of the key trends that are relevant for merchants, payments professionals, and not only – such as the size of the ecommerce market and the development of the payments ecosystem, the latest innovation in payments and essential trends to watch, the payment landscape of 2020, the M&A activity in the payments space, and more. These topics prove to be very relevant in mapping today’s payments ecosystem, as they can help determine the most successful path and the right partners.

The report’s highlights

Overview of today’s payments industry

An insightful article on the size of the payments and commerce market

An extensive review of the development of the payments’ ecosystem

Industry dynamics: M&As and the consolidation of the payments ecosystem

An article on mergers and acquisitions in the payments industry from 2019 to 2020

An infographic on strategic and financial buys in the payments industry

Insights from Equistone Partners Europe on how private equity will drive payments consolidation in 2020

Startups to watch in 2020

Interview with WL Payments on their products, value proposition, and key customers

Choosing the right payments partner – best practices from Catherine Tong and Rossini Zumwalt, from STRATGranat

Infographic of Solution Providers in the Payment Ecosystem

Mapping of Solution Providers’ Capabilities in the Payment Ecosystem

In-depth company profiles outlining key players in the global online payments space

Considering the diversity of this ecosystem, it can be difficult to gain insights regarding this space. Therefore, we decided to publish this comprehensive overview so that our readers get a better understanding of the diverse players from all over the globe. Whether our readers’ purpose is to select a payments service provider to serve their needs, compare several PSPs in order make an informed decision, or simply stay up to date with the latest initiatives in the field, Who’s Who in Payments – Complete Overview of Key Payment Providers is a must-read for the industry.

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